Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The HyProCure® Advantage

HyProCure® offers a superior option in the treatment of flexible talotarsal joint dislocation, for patients ages three and up. Unlike any other talotarsal mechanism stabilization device, HyProCure® has inherent advantages that make this minimally invasive procedure the ideal solution for the vast majority patients from all walks of life.

This stent’s advanced design utilizes both the sinus and canalis portions of the sinus tarsi, yielding the best anatomical fit and biomechanical correction. These factors contribute to the low removal rate and high patient satisfaction, which in turns translates into great professional success for the physician.

Most importantly, HyProCure® has more peer-reviewed published literature to support its claims than any other device on the market. Links to abstracts of the published literature can be found in our Library section.

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