Monday, August 6, 2012

Advantages of the osteo-WEDGETM Bone Locking Plate and Screw System

What are the advantages of the osteo-WEDGETM Bone Locking Plate and Screw System?

The osteo-WEDGETM system was designed to overcome the limitations of other devices and procedures.

Advantages include:
  • Ability to lengthen, shorten or maintain metatarsal length
  • Ability to plantarflex or dorsiflex the metatarsal – sagittal plane correction
  • Ability to correct an increased first metatarsal angle – transverse plane correction
  • Dorsomedial application at the 1st metatarsal medial cuneiform joint to counteract weight bearing forces
  • Six points (three proximally and three distally) of locking screw fixation for maximum stability
  • Thin (1mm), low profile, but strong titanium configuration
  • Allows for easy and accurate placement
  • May allow for early weightbearing

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