Thursday, September 20, 2012

HyProCure® Classified as a Type II Device: Improved Design and Function

The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery Article, September 2012

Extra-Osseous Stabilization Devices: A New Classification System. Visit for the article abstract.

Clinical Significance & Conclusions
  • The partial/recurrent dislocation of the talus on the tarsal mechanism is a triplane deformity. Displacement on any one of the four articular facets of the TTM leads to displacement at the other facets.
  • The ideal method to stabilize the TTM is exactly at the axis of triplanar talotarsal motion. In the TTM, this is referred to as the “cruciate pivot point” and is generally located at the entrance of the canalis tarsi along the longitudinal talar bisection line.
  • It has been acknowledged that a device that better matches the anatomical shape of the tarsal sinus and follows its natural orientation would allow for better biomechanical functioning.
  • Only Type II devices meet the ideal parameters, which has an impact on their improved success rates.
  • This improved design and function may also contribute to the success of Type II devices in decreasing the effects of or even eliminating secondary pathologies.

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