Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why is HyProCure® Different from Other Devices?

A New Kind of TaloTarsal Stabilization

One of the most important advantages of the HyProCure® system is the procedure itself. The actual surgery is minimally invasive, generally takes less than 15 minutes, requires only local anesthetic, and can actually be performed in-office, which makes it ideal for patients without insurance coverage.

While the procedure is similar in principle to subtalar devices, there are several very important differences that need to be reviewed before you can perform the HyProCure® procedure safely and effectively. To aid you with this, we have prepared a fast-track online training program that will arm you with the core preparation to successfully perform the procedure. In addition, we also offer many hands-on training seminars year-round and throughout the world that can assist you in advancing your training and certification status.

The complete details of the HyProCure® procedure itself will be covered during your training and certification process, whether online or at one of our seminars. We also invite you to review the procedure animation video below for a guided overview of the process.

If you are a specialist interested in HyProCure training, please click here.

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