Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The HyProCure® Advantage

HyProCure® offers a superior option in the treatment of flexible talotarsal joint dislocation, for patients ages three and up. Unlike any other talotarsal mechanism stabilization device, HyProCure® has inherent advantages that make this minimally invasive procedure the ideal solution for the vast majority patients from all walks of life.

This stent’s advanced design utilizes both the sinus and canalis portions of the sinus tarsi, yielding the best anatomical fit and biomechanical correction. These factors contribute to the low removal rate and high patient satisfaction, which in turns translates into great professional success for the physician.

Most importantly, HyProCure® has more peer-reviewed published literature to support its claims than any other device on the market. Links to abstracts of the published literature can be found in our Library section.

Click here to review points that will help explain the dramatic breakthrough that HyProCure® represents -->

Implementing HyProCure®

Getting Started with HyProCure®:

The first step in implementing HyProCure® into your practice is to train. This can be done through our interactive online training available at www.GraMedica.com. We also offer Lecture and Hands-on Cadaver Workshops worldwide, where you can become qualified with GraMedica® products including HyProCure®.

After completion of either training option, you will then be introduced to our downloads and resources, where we have many tools available to help you implement HyProCure® into your practice.

Upon completion of training, a HyProCure® representative will also contact you to assist with ordering the HyProCure® system.
The HyProCure® system consists of a set of trial sizers, the impant driver, guide wire (optional) and stents. The complete set is shipped out for each procedure and returned to us after the fact, minus the stent size used on the patient.

The kit is available for order through the facility where the procedure will be performed, or directly to the doctor’s office for in-office cases.

Learn more at www.GraMedica.com.

Friday, July 27, 2012

GraMedica® Celebrates 9 Years

Global orthopedic medical device company marks their 9th year providing superior treatment options.

GraMedica® is a global orthopedic medical device company and leader in the development of life-changing foot and ankle products. Founded in 2003, GraMedica® has experienced dynamic growth, reaching more than 25 countries. All of GraMedica®’s products are developed to correct the root problem, not merely treat symptoms. Recognized for its innovation, the company is the producer of breakthrough products like HyProCure® and osteo-WEDGETM.

HyProCure® has Scientifically Proven Results

In a recent study, HyProCure® was scientifically proven to have a less than 6% removal rate and is highly effective in the treatment of partial talotarsal dislocation.

The study was published by The Journal of Foot and Ankle Science.
Extraosseous Talotarsal Stabilization Using HyProCure® in Adults: A 5-year Retrospective Follow-up. Visit http://www.jfas.org/article/S1067-2516(11)00576-X/abstract for the article abstract.

Read the summary here.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis Solution

There are many treatments commonly used to address plantar fasciitis, ranging from icing the area to prescription drugs and all the way to surgery, involving the partial to full release of the plantar fascia. These therapies are sometimes helpful to address the inflammation and degeneration that occurs to the plantar fascia, but all they can offer is a relief of the symptoms, which is usually temporary. The true cause of the damage in the first place is the excessive inward rotation of the foot as a direct result of talotarsal displacement. As such, until this root cause is corrected, the symptoms on the plantar fascia are bound to return and worsen.

We invite you to learn more about talotarsal displacement and about HyProCure®, a permanent, minimally invasive solution that corrects the problem at its root.

HyProCure® Online Training

In order to arm physicians with the core knowledge to successfully perform the HyProCure® procedure, we have created an interactive online training designed to fast-track practicing surgeons.

In order to get started with the training program, please complete the doctor registration form. A personalized link to your training session will be sent to the email address provided shortly thereafter. With this link you will be able to get started with your training right away, as well as resume your session at your convenience should you need to interrupt it. Detailed instructions will be provided in both the training invitation email as well as the training module itself.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HyProCure® Physician Testimonials

Find out what physicians think about the HyProCure® Solution and how they have implemented it into their practice.

Testimonials from HyProCure® Surgeons

Benefits & Alternatives to HyProCure®

The HyProCure® solution is the best of its kind. It’s minimally-invasive, very fast and relatively atraumatic. HyProCure® offers a permanent, yet reversible, option for the condition of partial/flexible talotarsal dislocation. HyProCure® provides internal correction for an internal deformity.
Learn more on why HyProCure® is better.

Aside from laterally-anchored-designed devices, which have a relatively high removal rate, several other alternatives are still being used to treat the condition. Some common options include orthotics, leg braces, orthopedic shoes, physical therapy, and even reconstructive rear foot surgery, among other things. These alternate methods ultimately fail to give the patient a reliable, life-long answer, and often cause more problems than solutions. All this in turn ends up in unsatisfied patients and frustrated doctors.
Learn more about the alternatives.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HyProCure® Training Workshop

Through our training partner, the Graham International Implant Institute (GIII), we are committed to research, training, certification and support on implantology for foot physicians worldwide.

Our next Lecture and Hands-on Cadaver Workshop is set to take place in Phoenix, AZ:

AUG 25, 2012
Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, 7677 North 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85020

The seminar is a full-day training program of lecture and a hands-on cadaver workshop. The seminar will take place from 8:00am - 2:00pm and will include a light breakfast and boxed lunch. The seminar will cover Extra-Osseous TaloTarsal Stabilization with HyProCure® as well as treatment of first ray deformities with the osteo-WEDGETM Opening Wedge Bone Locking Plate System.

Apply online

Can't make it to the workshop? Train online today!

Indications and Contra-Indications for HyProCure®

HyProCure® is a talotarsal stabilization device used in the treatment of talotarsal displacement and resulting sequela. The implant is designed to stabilize the talus on the tarsal mechanism to prevent excessive anterior, and/or medial and/or plantarflexion of the talus on the tarsal mechanism, while allowing normal talotarsal joint motion.

Learn about the Indications and Contra-Indications for HyProCure® at www.GraMedica.com.

Monday, July 23, 2012

osteo-WEDGETM Bunion Correction

Traditional bunion corrective surgical techniques are like cutting a wedge out of the leaning tower of Pisa to make it straight when the real problem was with the foundation. The osteo-WEDGETM Open Wedge Bone Locking System fixes the deformity at its foundation. With osteo-WEDGETM, patients and foot surgeons have a new option for permanent correction, without the limitations of other methods. The procedure is less invasive and patient should experience a quicker recovery than they would with the alternates.

TaloTarsal Displacement: Clinical Signs

Talotarsal dislocation (partial) is a condition affecting people of all ages throughout the world. It occurs when the ankle bone displaces off of its normal position and its contact points on the hind-foot bones—in other words, when the balance and alignment of the ankle bone on the heel bone is lost. This displacement creates an abnormal, inward rotation of the ankle bone and outer rotation of the rest of the foot, which in turn creates a fundamental imbalance of forces and weight distribution both in the foot itself, as well as in the rest of the body.

When partial talotarsal dislocation occurs, it creates a damaging misalignment of forces both in the foot itself, as well as throughout the entire body. This is because the rear-foot is the center point of our body’s balance and weight distribution during walking and standing. As a consequence, talotarsal displacement can be the direct cause of numerous foot ailments, including low arches, plantar fasciitis or heel pain, overpronation, bunions, heel spurs, and more – as well as the direct cause of symptoms in the rest of the body such as knee pain, hip pain, back pain, and even complications in the neck and shoulders.

Clinical Signs of Partial TaloTarsal Dislocation.

Friday, July 20, 2012

HyProCure® Expands Global Reach: Now Available to Patients in Italy

Extra-Osseous TaloTarsal Stabilization (EOTTS) Device gaining recognition across the globe with the latest addition of distribution in Italy.

Three EOTTS with HyProCure® procedures were recently performed in Italy, intiating the device into the country. Three surgeons, Prof. La Rosa of “Bambino Gesu,” the Vatican’s Pediatric Hospital in Rome, Prof. Giglio and MD Offiano each offered this revolutionary treatment option to their patients.

Read More:
HyProCure® Expands Global Reach: Now Available to Patients in Italy

Thursday, July 19, 2012

GraMedica® Supports Medical Care for Crippled Children from the Yucatan Peninsula | PRLog

GraMedica® Supports Medical Care for Crippled Children from the Yucatan Peninsula | PRLog

Active Mother of Two Shows off Her “New Arches” after Life-changing HyProCure® Procedure | PRLog

Active Mother of Two Shows off Her “New Arches” after Life-changing HyProCure® Procedure | PRLog

Chinese Surgeon Travels Internationally to Collaborate with a “Master” HyProCure® Surgeon | PRLog

Chinese Surgeon Travels Internationally to Collaborate with a “Master” HyProCure® Surgeon | PRLog

HyProCure® and osteo-WEDGETM Training Available

Become qualified with GraMedica® Products and Surgical Techniques or find a Lecture & Hands-on Workshop.

Through our training partner, the Graham International Implant Institute(GIII), we are committed to research, training, certification and support on implantology for foot physicians worldwide.

We offer interactive online training as well as lecture and hands-on cadaver courses for both HyProCure® and osteo-WEDGETM.

Register Now:
HyProCure® Online Training
osteo-WEDGETM Online Training
Lecture and Hands-on Cadaver Workshops

Friday, July 13, 2012

Learn About GraMedica®

Welcome to the GraMedica® blog. Here we will share the most up-to-date information on our company products and resources. To get know us better, take a moment to learn more about our Company History, the GraMedica® Mission, our Core Beliefs and our Founder.