Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Implementing HyProCure®

Getting Started with HyProCure®:

The first step in implementing HyProCure® into your practice is to train. This can be done through our interactive online training available at www.GraMedica.com. We also offer Lecture and Hands-on Cadaver Workshops worldwide, where you can become qualified with GraMedica® products including HyProCure®.

After completion of either training option, you will then be introduced to our downloads and resources, where we have many tools available to help you implement HyProCure® into your practice.

Upon completion of training, a HyProCure® representative will also contact you to assist with ordering the HyProCure® system.
The HyProCure® system consists of a set of trial sizers, the impant driver, guide wire (optional) and stents. The complete set is shipped out for each procedure and returned to us after the fact, minus the stent size used on the patient.

The kit is available for order through the facility where the procedure will be performed, or directly to the doctor’s office for in-office cases.

Learn more at www.GraMedica.com.

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