Friday, December 14, 2012

How Does Hip Pain Occur and Is There a Real Solution?

In order to truly restore proper alignment to the hip area, it is fundamental to correct the misalignment of forces coming from the legs. This, in turn, takes us to the root of the problem, which is located in the ankle and heel area of the foot. The leg’s balance – and in fact that of the entire body – rests on this area. Proper stability of the ankle bone over the hindfoot bones is fundamental in maintaining a healthy leg and hip alignment. When the stability of the ankle bone over the hindfoot bones is lost, this area collapses, turning inwards, creating a condition called partial talotarsal dislocation.

Patients suffering from hip pain as a consequence of imbalances can find the true source of their hip problems in their feet. Talotarsal displacement causes the foundation of the leg, the rearfoot, to shift inwards, creating a complex misalignment of forces that gets transferred up the leg and into the hip area, causing damage to joints and other tissues.

HyProCure® can resolve partial talotarsal dislocation instantly and permanently through a brief, minimally invasive procedure, restoring foot stability and proper balance. As a direct benefit, this will also restore proper leg and hip alignment, eliminating excessive unnatural forces from the unstable foot structure that caused the abnormal tissue strain and wear-and-tear in the joints.

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