Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Uniquely Designed Treatment Option for Moderate to Severe Bunions

Introducing osteo-WEDGE™. This system provides a superior treatment option for arthrodeses of the first metatarsocuneiform joint. 

The dorsomedially placed plate has the optimal length and width to provide maximum stability at the arthrodeses site, resisting biomechanical forces. The overall shape of the wedge is rectangular and has a depth of approximately 4mm from the bottom of the plate. The width of the wedge varies from 0mm (flat plate) to 10mm. The self-tapping cortical locking bone screws provide the necessary compression to facilitate bone healing at the 1st MCJ.

The osteo-WEDGE™ Open Wedge Bone Locking Plate System fixes the deformity at its foundation. With osteo-WEDGE™, foot surgeons have a new option for permanent correction, without the limitations of other methods.

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